Trash Diary 2/7/11

Oops – crazy schedule and didn’t factor in blogging time. Needless to say there was trash generated.

Here’s what I trashed today:

Trash –
Two paper coffee cups and lids (one because I forgot the reusable, the second was while waiting for a meeting to start that was WAY late in starting.)
Plastic baggie
Plastic bottle (yes, a redeemable, recyclable one because I didn’t have room in my bag to carry it! Not a good excuse).

Recycled –
Cardboard sleeve (from one of the coffee cups)
Paper bag
Foil wrap

Saved –
Napkins (using the cloth napkin at work now)
Paper towels (hand dryer in public restroom)
Plastic bag (from plastic bottled beverage purchase)


About Amy Marpman

Director of Recycling Services at Great Forest, Inc. in NYC. Continually finding the balance of idealism with the practical realities that make or break recycling programs.
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