I’ve found that the most common symbol people associate with recycling isn’t the chasing arrow symbol, but the blue bin.  Ask anyone from a corporate exec to the cleaning crew.  If there are no blue bins there is no recycling.   However, there is so much more to recycling that goes beyond that blue bin (as my very first post indicates).  This blog will explore those concepts, issues and best-practices.


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  1. Dear Amy, I found you on google searching for yoghurt container recycling. The yoghurt container for some reason has becoe very close to my heart because of it’s durability and perfect shape as a flower pot. I would loke to make you aware of what we started doing here in South Africa. We are producing a natural coating which can be applied to plastic, metal and glass containers making them look like earthen ware when dried. People are blown away when they come to our market stall and see the painted pots, tires, dust bins, shoes :-)) I wish we could spread this idea and that’s why I am writing to you.
    Please have a look at: http://www.stoneeffects.co.za and http://www.facebook.com/stoneeffects
    Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  2. Ravi Bajaj says:


    I saw a post about Green Globes you did, and it said you had attached a PDF of the survey process for Existing Buildings. a) Could I ask you for a copy of this?, and b) I would love to chat with you further about Green Globes vs LEED, and your thoughts on this issue.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Amy Marpman says:

    Ravi. Thanks for your comment. While both Green Globes and LEED for Existing Buildings have evolved since my post on the topic in 2008, my thoughts on the rating systems remain the same: “Neither should be treated as a green building bible, but should be treated as guidelines to help in the process to green your building.” I know significantly more about building operations today than I did four years ago, and more about what motivates building operators and facility managers to seek a third party certification. What is often overlooked in the race to complete a check list is what the real benefits are of improving building operations efficiencies.

    I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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