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DSNY Garbage Truck

Took a pic of the garbage truck through the window.  They come through my neighborhood every Monday and Thursday.  Everyone puts their trash out on the curb the night before and it is magically whisked away by DSNY. 

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Typical NYC trash

This is what urban residential trash and recycling looks like in NYC.  It’s piled high on the sidewalk in front of the building (this happens to be a large high-rise apartment building in mid-town Manhattan). Typically residents are responsible for … Continue reading


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Recycling in NYC

Here we go.  Week 1 of The Rubbish Diet is here!   I’ll be tracking my household generation of waste and recyclables over the next 8 weeks. I live in New York City.  Since recycling laws vary widely across the … Continue reading

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Trash on the streets

When I first moved to NY from Seattle I was shocked by all the trash piled up on the streets. In Seattle it generally gets put in dumpsters in alley ways behind buildings and out of sight (not to mention … Continue reading

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Long way to go to improve NYC recycling

In response to my frustration at not being able to recycle my yogurt container, a Northwest connection of mine, Elizabeth said, “Seattle is lucky we can usually compost or recycle most of these items. Though I have no idea how … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t recycle my plastic yogurt container

My friend Pete asked, “Why was the plastic yogurt container trashed? Why wasn’t that recycled?” Good question Pete. I buy single serve yogurt containers. Lately I’ve been buying them in cardboard packaged six-packs at BJ’s because it is cheaper than … Continue reading

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Trash Mountains in NYC

New Yorkers are complaining about trash now that most of the snow has melted. Since trash in NYC is typically so visible, it surprises me that people are getting so heated about it. In NYC black bags of residential trash … Continue reading

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