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Week 3 trash pick up

I got home last night to see that my hubby dutifully put out the recycling and the trash (Thursday is our second trash pick-up for the week). I was a little confused though. I couldn’t think of what trash there … Continue reading

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Love my coffee, love my K-cup?

A good recycler like myself should not purchase single-serve individually packaged anything.  Yet, we have a Keurig coffee machine that uses single-serve coffee units called K-cups. We got the Keurig machine about two-years ago.   Prior to that we used … Continue reading

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Go beyond the brand in food & beverage packaging

There’s this great post on FoodandBeveragePackaging.com about how packaging is a key element in product branding.   The author describes two elements to fast moving consumer goods packaging (like chips or soda):  “the first moment of truth” (when you see … Continue reading

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Recycling thumbs up to No nonsense for pantyhose take-back

Yes you can recycle pantyhose. I had no idea. No nonsense will take back any brand of pantyhose. All you have to do is download a mailing label, box ’em up and ship ’em out. (Yeah, you have to pay … Continue reading

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Trash Diary 1/8/11

Out and about on a Saturday = a little bit more packaging. Trash: Napkins and tissues (surprise surprise) Paper towels (including a few from a public restroom) Plastic bag and some food wrappers Styrofoam take-out box (first styrofoam of the … Continue reading

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