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The Rubbish Diet Challenge Wrap-up

The eight week bin slimming challenge has come to an end and I’m proud to say we have successfully reduced our waste!  We went from one to two bags every week (which I thought was pretty good) down to one … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out Stuff

The Rubbish Diet Challenge this past week is cleaning up around the house.  I got to thinking about what we already do and what more we can do in our quest to maintain cleanliness.  Then I started thinking about all the chores I’m … Continue reading

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The Rubbish Diet – Week 2

Uh-oh.  I’m barely into week 2 of The Rubbish Diet and I’m already increasing my weekly generation of trash rather than decreasing it! Last week was a busy week for me.  I wasn’t home much and thus not generating a … Continue reading

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Paper towels, napkins and tissues – Oh, My!

In looking over my trash diary entries, I find I use A LOT of paper towels, napkins and tissues. These are not just a packaging by-product (like a paper board box for storage of crackers), these are paper products I … Continue reading

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Trash Mountains in NYC

New Yorkers are complaining about trash now that most of the snow has melted. Since trash in NYC is typically so visible, it surprises me that people are getting so heated about it. In NYC black bags of residential trash … Continue reading

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Want a New Year’s Resolution? Start a trash diary.

I find most green-focused promises to ourselves tend to come around April, in time for Earth Day rather than in time for the new year. By now you’ve probably switched out all your incandescents for CFLs, you’re buying some organic/local … Continue reading

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