Zero Waste – workweek update

Phew!  The work week is done and I think I did fairly well so far for zero waste week on The Rubbish Diet Challenge.  Now on to the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty tame.  We threw away a little bit of dental floss, some q-tips and one food wrapper each.  Wednesday I had a few oops moments out and about, mainly with paper towels in public restrooms. I was able to find lunch packaged in either compostable or recyclable packaging, and overcame some coffee challenges.

Thursday I was at my desk all day at work, and we have an office compost bin we take to a community garden so lunch waste wasn’t a problem.  Steve had another breakfast sandwich, so that’s another wrapper for the week.  I must say though, he’s been doing better than me!  I caved and used a sticky-tape lint roller twice because the reusable felt one wasn’t getting the stray cat hairs off my clothes.

Friday, I didn’t leave myself enough time to mess with the refillable Keurig filter, so I filled my coffee mug on the go.  I grabbed some Chipotle soft tacos for lunch. I asked for them to-go and they were wrapped in one piece of foil, and put in a paper bag.  I also grabbed a napkin.  Yes, I should have asked for no bag, but I needed something to hold the waste together until I got home to recycle and compost everything.  I did ‘stay’ to eat and got a few looks when I neatly folded up the foil in the paper bag and put it in my purse.

Also on Friday I got a much needed haircut.  I’m not yet at the point where I’m going to bag the 2-3 inches of my hair and tuck in my purse. So add that to my waste stream this week.

Not a perfect zero waste week by any means, but it is a lot less than I would have otherwise generated this week.  Now, let’s see what we can not waste this weekend!


About Amy Marpman

Director of Recycling Services at Great Forest, Inc. in NYC. Continually finding the balance of idealism with the practical realities that make or break recycling programs.
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